Organizing Tips For Gift Giving

Let's talk about organizing!  Not gift wrap storage or even greeting card storage.  Instead, keep reading for tips on organizing your gift-giving efforts!

We've all had it happen.  Running store to store looking for the perfect gift.  Wanting something unique and different but since we waited until the last looks like we will have to grab a gift card instead.  

Here are some tips and printables to make gifting easier and more organized! 

1.  Perpetual Calendar

First, gather all of the birthdays, anniversaries and other special occasions that you celebrate throughout the year and write them down in one place.   Use a blank page in your planner, store them in your home binder, or use the free printable below.  When filling out your yearly calendar every year, pull out this list and add the dates.  Want this printable below?  Just click the image for a pdf to print.  

2.  Jot Down Ideas

Keep a note on your phone, use an app, or add them to the list above.  When gift inspiration strikes, write it down!  If you don't, you will most likely not remember your idea for the perfect gift.  When the time comes, refer to your list for inspiration.  If you don't have any ideas, no worries!  You can always shop our ever-changing collection of gifts!

3.  Plan In Advance

At the beginning of each month, make a note of all the occasions you are celebrating and the gifts you need to purchase.  Put your plan into action!  Purchase your gifts with plenty of time to spend a few extra minutes wrapping or adding personal touches!  Add handwritten recipe cards to gifts such as aprons, write notes in books or add a flower bouquet to a gift of jewelry.  The possibilities for adding personal touches are endless.  

4. Add A Little Something Special

In some instances, a gift card makes the perfect gift!  To make the gift complete, mix the gift card in with their favorite candy bouquet, send them on a scavenger hunt to find it, or put it in one of our adorable credit card pouches like the one shown below!

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5.  Don't Forget The Card

The card is the ultimate finishing touch!  Handwrite a favorite memory or touching sentiment in a card and add it to your gift.

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