Teacher Gift Ideas

The first week of May is upon us which means it is time to start looking for teacher appreciation gifts.  We polled some of our favorite teachers to find gift ideas that they love!  Keep reading for our top ten gifts for teachers.  

1.  Flowers

Nothing says "thank you for all you do" better than a beautiful flower bouquet.  To make this idea even better, gift them front porch flowers to remember their favorite student all summer long.  Need an idea for holding your flower bouquet?  Our nest boxes are both cute and inspirational!
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2. Water Bottle

With a classroom of students, there isn't an opportunity to grab something to drink.  Gift them an insulated water bottle to keep at their desk.  Want extra credit?  Find a two in one cup that can hold their coffee in the morning and water in the afternoon!

3. Summer Gifts

Summertime is sweet...especially for teachers who use this time to refresh, recharge, and plan for the upcoming year.  Give them gifts they may use on a family vacation, a cute bag or towel to take to the pool, or adorable summer entertaining pieces.  Our popular Summer Vibes tote is the perfect summer accessory. 

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4.  Stationery

Teachers go through a lot of paper goods!  Gift them a personalized notepad or beautiful stationery to make them smile every time they write a note.

5.  Coffee

A good cup of coffee makes the early morning hours a little bit better!  Gift them a coffee mug with a gift card to their favorite coffee shop or a coffee-themed gift box.  Our My Cup Runneth Over Coffee Mug is perfect for a little inspiration and a lot of coffee.  

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6.  Classroom Supplies

Sometimes the best gifts are the most functional and obvious!  Gift your teacher things they can use in their classroom.  Fill a small bucket with pens, pencils, dry erase markers, highlighters, and more!

7.  Jewelry

They will remember their favorite student every time they glance at their piece of simple yet pretty jewelry.  What a sweet surprise when your child sees them wearing it the next school year!  Shop our Jewelry Shop with over 70 ideas for the perfect piece of jewelry for your favorite teacher.

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8.  Gourmet Foods

Gourmet foods from places like Harry & David make perfect teacher gifts!  These yummy treats are things we don't often buy ourselves but enjoy so much.  

9.  Tote Bag

There are a lot of supplies to take back and forth to school throughout the school year.  Gift your favorite teacher a stylish tote bag to ease the hassle of carrying things from the classroom to their car and beyond!  Our adorable bucket tote bag makes the perfect solution.

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10.  Gift Cards

Gift them a gift certificate to a place just for them.  Secretly figure out their favorite spa, nail salon, restaurant, or shopping destination!  

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