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Our Temporary, New "Normal"

  Dear White Pier Family, White Pier Gifts is more than just a business.  It is a community of people who love giving and who love making a difference.  We wanted to take a minute and share some words from our hearts.  Spoiler alert...keep reading until the end.  We also share some ways to help your community, fun things to do at home and ideas for self-care at home.   The past few weeks have been…different.  From the new responsibilities (who knew we could be such great teachers?), changes to our schedules and anxiety that has come from this pandemic, I think we can all agree that things are not “normal”.  For both of us, we handle new challenges very similarly.  We...

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Hello March

Flowers are blooming, birds are singing and the sun is shining.  Hello March!  This new month brings a new season and new loved ones to celebrate.  From spring jewelry to Easter gifts for kids, let us help you with all your spring gifts! Here are this month's featured gifts!

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Meet the ladies behind White Pier Gifts

Hi ya'll! I'm Teressa, the blonde in the top part of this picture and to answer your question, YES...I look exactly the same as when this picture was taken 20+ years ago 😉⁠ ⁠Let me introduce you to my best friend, Monica.  Pictured in the bottom part of this photo, she is the other half of this dynamic duo.  We talk almost every day and love doing life together.    It only makes sense that I would recruit Monica to join me in starting this online gift shop.  After all, she is the most thoughtful gift-giver, always giving such unique gifts.  Lucky for us, she is the heart behind hand-selecting our products. As for me, I am the dreamer.  I...

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